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River Ranch

Fishing the Red River
A New Mexico State fishing license can be purchased in Red River for anyone 12 years and older. You can also purchase a license online at

The River Ranch Pond
Registered guests may catch 2 fish a day from 6 am until 8 pm. Fishermen must stay with their one pole and keep the fish that they catch. Please do not use marshmallows, cheese or corn for bait. We sell a variety of baits in the office that you may purchase or you can take a quick trip to town for a greater selection. Remember NOT to clean the fish in the bathhouses and be careful how you dispose of remains of the fish.
(No Catch and Release)

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Caught August 30th 2015 in the River Ranch pond
6lbs 14oz 27” Rainbow Trout
Danny Pawlick
Ranson Canyon, Tx.

ROV (Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle) Information

YOU Must Meet the Red River ROV Use Law
If our overflow trailer parking is full, you will be asked to move your trailer to municipal parking lot in town

ROV's may
ONLY be ridden when exiting or entering the campground from and to your site. 5 MPH strictly enforced.

If your ROV trailer is in our designated overflow ROV parking area, you will be allowed to unload and take ROV to your site OR from your site you will be allowed to take ROV to your trailer to load.

Kids Love Camping
Lets keep the children safe and well supervised. Even in the summer the water temperatures in the river and pond are between 45 ° and 60° Fahrenheit. Hypothermia occurs when water is less than 70° Fahrenheit. The Human body cools 25 times faster in cold water than it does in air. In addition throwing rocks in the pond or river disturb the trout and make it difficult for fishermen. We welcome bicycles however it is require that your kids do not take their bikes across the bridges to ride on the other side of the river. Please no riding after dusk.

Keep it Slow
The speed limit in the campground is 5mph. There is only enough room for one vehicle at your campsite but we have a parking area that can accommodate extra vehicles, and trailers. ATV’s, scooters, and dirt-bikes are prohibited in River Ranch but can be ridden in designated trails areas that are located off campground property in the National Forest. 

Be Bear Aware
There is an array of wildlife that frequent the campground like mule deer, chipmunk, bobcat, elk, beaver, mountain goats, and black bear. Most of these animals are shy and elusive. Campers do need to remember that black bear have an excellent sense of smell and will seek out anything that smells like food. Once they find a meal they are likely to return to see if a second meal can be had. It is best to bear proof your campsite by properly storing food and disposing of waste in the dumpsters located through out the campgrounds.


Campfire Safety
We have bundles of firewood for sale and there are fire rings at the campsites. New Mexico Fire Information will alert us of any burn bans and we will announce these alerts to our guests. Please do not leave campfires unattended.

We have a variety of folks from all over the nation and even the world so we ask that you respect others beliefs. Enjoy yourself, but keep it in your own site. Quite hours are from 10pm until 8am.

River ranch
has 15 RV spots and the 5 lodge apartments open year round. Call for Memorial weekend Holiday rates. No Refunds for early departures or late arrivals. Two day rental fee required to confirm reservation. We accept cash, credit cards and money orders. Cancelations 30 days prior to arrival will incur a 20% handling fee, less than 30 days will receive no refund. Reservations paid in full upon Arrival.
Prices do not include tax. Reservations made for exact number of guests. 

View our pet policy.
River Ranch  1501 W Main, P.O. Box 69, Red River, New Mexico 87558
575-754-2293 Check-in time - 2 PM Check-out time - 10 AM