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United States Department of the Interior National Park Service National Register of Historic Places Inventory
Taos County, Red River Red River Multiple Resource Area
Mallette, Orin, Cabin (Red River Multiple Resource Area)
Orin Mallette is listed in the New Mexico business directories from 1905 to 1915 as a blacksmith. His shop was located in town, on Main Street, on property that adjoined the log cabin home of his brother Sylvester (see separate continuation sheet for the Sylvester Mallette Cabin).
In addition to his blacksmithing, and his farming and mining activities, Orin operated a brick kiln on his property at the western end of the valley. He established the kiln about 1894 to provide bricks for the mining boomtown. They were a pastel pinkish-orange in color, and were soft. As far as is known, only one structure in Red River was constructed of brick, the Brigham J. Young House that still stands on Main Street (see separate continuation sheet). However, the brick was also used for chimney construction in Red River. (Orin Mallette's kilns no longer stands.)  In 1925, Orin Mallette, a widower, sold his 110 acres in the western end of the valley to Santiago Ortega of Questa for $4,500. Ortega died four years later and his estate listed the 110 acres as grazing land, along with "83 breeding sheep, 28 small sheep, and 3 rams." 
In a division of Santiago Ortega's estate in 1932, Jose E. Ortega received the 110 acres. He sold the property in 1936 to L. S. Lewis who established a tourist resort there, named Lewis Ranch. He had cabins and horses for rent, and operated a large gambling and dance hall in the town. He established a sawmill on the property in order to construct the cabins and dance hall. He used the refuse of log-slabs from the mill to side his rustic tourist cabins and the additions that he made to the west pen of the Mallette Cabin. Log-slab siding had been a popular building material in the mountains of northern New Mexico since the establishment of sawmills there. It was used for homesteads, barns and tourist resorts. The slabs are the rounded, bark-covered ends of the logs that remain after the boards have been sawn from the center of the log. 
The Lewis family made the Mallette Cabin their home until the 1950s.  Geographical Data: The nominated property consists of the building, which measures 85'9" by 35'6" at its greatest length and width, plus an additional 10' in each direction. Red River Quadrangle Scale: 7.5 minute UTM References: Zone 13 Easting 461940 Northing 4062350

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